Exogeology ROCKS! New Website

Posted by Zoe on 28th June 2010 in Main Page

Guess what? Exogeology ROCKS! now has a new website! This website, exogeology.info, was created for the NASA/USA Today “No Boundaries” contest and won second place. All winning entries must not be changed after the contest is over, so in order to keep my Exogeology ROCKS! project going, I’ve copied all the information over to a new domain name. You can now see new blog posts, puzzles, and more on exogeologyrocks.com and everything else on this website as well. Have fun over at exogeologyrocks.com!


Posted by Zoe on 15th April 2010 in Main Page

I finally finished the Exogeology ROCKS! website! Look around! Everything’s up and running. Let’s go over all that I have so you don’t miss a thing:

Good question! This page explains the basic concept of exogeology. Look at it first, so you can better understand the rest of the site.

What is the Exogeology ROCKS! website all about? I’ve explained here why I made the website, what there is to do on it, and a bit about myself.

This is the best part! :) I made a 20 minute episode of Exogeology ROCKS!, and a 3 minute bonus track on Pluto. Don’t miss either one! Episode One of Exogeology ROCKS! features an interview with a planetary astronomer, Dr. Larry Lebofsky from Tucson, Arizona, and was made to show that exogeology really does ROCK!

After watching Exogeology ROCKS!, I bet you’ll want to know how to become an exogeologist yourself. I’ve created this page to show you how to do just that.

Want to know more about what life is like for a real exogeologist? Read Petra’s Blog, a blog written by me as the fictional exogeologist Petra Stone. Petra writes about her favorite experiences in exogeology, and exogeology in general. There are tons of posts with lots of information, so go to Petra’s Blog and start reading!

Play a crossword puzzle, search in a crossword puzzle, and solve online jigsaw puzzles in this fun category.

There are a wide variety of things you’ll see on the job as an exogeologist. Each set of photographs in the gallery shows you some of those, along with a short description about what you see. Have fun looking around, because these photos ROCK!

Have you read everything on Exogeology ROCKS! and you want to find out more? Here are some great links to get you started.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve my site, add more info, or make it more fun, use the “Contact Me” form to send me your reviews.

You can get to any of these pages from the sidebar on the right hand side of the page. I’ve put a lot of effort into this, so don’t miss out! There are lots of rockin’ things to do!

Until next time, I’m Zoë Bentley, and Exogeology ROCKS!

Exogeology ROCKS! Movie

Posted by Zoe on 14th April 2010 in Main Page

My movie, Exogeology ROCKS!, is here!

Click on Exogeology ROCKS! Episodes/ Meet Real Exogeologists on the sidebar. Exogeology ROCKS! is a video I made about what exogeology is, and an interview with a real exogeologist. I hope it helps you see that exogeology really does ROCK! I filmed, hosted, interviewed, and edited the whole 20 minute movie. It was hard, but really fun. See what you think of it!

Don’t forget the bonus track on Pluto!

Until next time, I’m Zoë Bentley, and Exogeology ROCKS!

New Photo Gallery!

Posted by Zoe on 13th April 2010 in Main Page

Hello out there! It’s Zoë again with great news! I now have a working Photo Gallery up. Petra posted new blogs recently too, about a post per day, so keep checking up on her on Exogeology ROCKS!

The photo gallery is over on the sidebar underneath the “Games and Puzzles” category. I’ve made 5 different sets of photographs: Mineral and Rock Samples, Geologic Formations, Astronomy Pictures, Spacecraft and Landers, and Telescopes and Observatories. Check them all out! Each photo has a great description of whatever it has in it, and the pictures ROCK!

Until next time, I’m Zoë Bentley and Exogeology ROCKS!

Working Hard

Posted by Zoe on 12th April 2010 in Main Page

Hi everyone, it’s Zoë here! The deadline for the No Boundaries contest is looming, and I’ve been working really hard to finish the website. I’ve added lots of information to How to Become an Exogeologist and the Photo Gallery, and Petra‘s been writing like crazy lately. Pretty soon I’ll have the Exogeology ROCKS! video up, and I can’t wait! Until next time, I’m Zoë Bentley and Exogeology ROCKS!

Games to Play and Puzzles to Solve

Posted by Zoe on 11th April 2010 in Main Page

More content, yay! Check out the Games and Puzzles page. It ROCKS! I made an exogeology crossword puzzle, an exogeology wordfind puzzle (printable only), and four awesome space jigsaw puzzles! The photographs used in the Earthrise, Galaxy, and Saturn jigsaw puzzles are all from NASA, and I took photograph in the Barringer Crater puzzle. Have fun!

Welcome to Exogeology.info!

Posted by Zoe on 28th March 2010 in Exogeology, Main Page

Here on Exogeology.info you will find information on what exogeology is, how to become an exogeologist, interviews of various scientists in the field, games and puzzles, a fictional exogeologist’s blog, a photo gallery, and much more!

I started this website as part of the NASA No Boundaries Contest, but plan to let it grow as I learn more about the topics.